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    Editing with CR from Bridge: not saving changes?!?

      Hi all..this is my first post here! sure not the last one.
      thanks in advance for any help.
      Ok, here is my issue...
      I edit images with CS3, and i use Bridge as a starting platform, also to see images.
      Now, owning a Nikon, my files are NEF (Nikon's RAW files). Fine. The thing is that when i open a NEF image FROM bridge with CR, in order to edit, whichever slight change i do on the NEF image it stayes on the original NEF files, even though i do not save the image!! I mean, if i want to mess around with a NEF image with CR, but DO NOT want to save the changes, how do I do it? If i modify, then close ACR...still the changes will remain in the pic in my folder.
      Once i modified an image with CR through Bridge, a little rounded icon appears on the NEF image, on the top right corner; this button is apparently useless...i can ckick on it but nothing would happen.

      I hope i could explain myself clearly.
      Thanks a lot!

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          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
          Rest assured your raw NEF files are untouched. Any adjustments you make will only be kept in the sidecar file.

          If you do NOT wish to keep the adjustments at all, just hit the Cancel button. If you hit Done, then the adjustments are kept in that sidecar file and are applied to the preview.

          You would be well advised to read the documentation. ;)

          The "button" you see actually has the icons of two sliders in it. It simply reminds you that YOU have made adjustments which are kept in the sidecar file and are applied to the thumbnail and previews, and to the image itself when you open it in Photoshop, UNLESS you clear the settings first. Look for the "Clear Settings" item in the Edit menu in Bridge when you have one of your images selected.

          So, STOP hitting the "Done" button when you don't mean to keep the adjustments.
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            Ramon, thanks so much for your help. It seems working...and makes sense.
            However, when i edit a RAW image, then i save it as TIFF, and one as JPG, then on bridge my RAW preview is identical to the TIFF saved and modified.
            Indeed, in the Windows folders the file is untouched.
            The thing is that i want to see the preview as the original image, and not the one edited...
            still kind of lost, but better than before! ;)

            If you could kindly provide me further hint i would appreciate very much.

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              JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
              After you have saved your TIF and your JPEG image you could save a DNG copy of the raw file that would contain all of the changes. Then, in Bridge, right click on the original raw image and clear the settings. This will cause the raw image to revert to its original state. And, you will have the DNG copy that will contain all of the settings.
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                Jim, thanks a lot!
                I guess i can avoid saving as DNG, right? And just right click on the image and clear settings: will this move only restore original RAW image without settings in CR?