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    Not all thumbnails visible

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      My previous machine crashed (XP OS) but I was able to pull files from the drives.

      Bought a new machine. Vista 64 bit core 2 quad.

      I moved the files onto one of the two drives (a secondary drive).

      I reinstalled CS3 and Bridge. Went to Adobe and got the CR update, then put the update into the Plugin file, where the older version of CR resided. This was in CS3.

      (I'm not understanding where to install it with Bridge).

      I opened Bridge. Some of the CR files are visible, some are not. That is, in the same folder I see some files as thumbnails, and don't with others (same shot date, camera, etc.).

      All TIFF and JPG are visible.

      Some of the CR files were edited, some were not, and there appears to be no correlation on whether the thumbnail is visible because of editing the file.

      Any suggestions on why this is occurring? Thanks.

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          I should have mentioned, too, that I am able to open the files in CS3, and edit them as usual.

          But, one thing I just noticed....when I right click the image, it doesn't give me the option to open in CS3. Only CS2.

          This must be the issue.

          Where do I make this change?


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            More thoughts....

            Why would some of the the thumbnails show up and not others, regardless of whether the "default" program is CS2?
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              Well, I just installed a number of updates for both programs, and now I can see the thumbnails. All of them.

              Right clicking on the image still shows opening in CS2 (default).

              (.....if it seems like I'm talking to myself on this forum, it's because I am.... :<)

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                Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

                The Photoshop plug-in filter is NOT the correct location. Read the instructions on the download page and the FAQs of this forum, which are on the same page where you added this topic.

                These are user-to-user forums, so you're addressing your peers here. People reply on a voluntary basis when they know the answers and when they have time to log on. You have to have a lot more patience than you have shown, especially on a long holiday weekend, and you have to show that you have done your due diligence.

                There is is only one correct location for the plug-in, and you can have only one instance of the plug-in on your machine. Bridge will read it from the same location.

                After you update the plug-in manually in the correct location, replacing the obsolete one installed by default by the installer, you need to go to the Tools menu in Bridge and purge the cache for each folder, one by one. This is also in the FAQs.
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                  Ramon, thanks.

                  I hope you know that I was just joking about the comment about me talking to myself. I didn't mean to imply that I was impatient.

                  I guess it's a consequence of not being able to speak face to face.

                  Thanks for the suggestions. I'll do some more homework before I jump into it again.

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                    Ramon, I looked, and I did have the CR update in the proper location. So, that looks okay....

                    In Bridge, I checked the preferences, and for some reason, all the files that mattered, were associated with CS2. CS3 wasn't listed.

                    I figured out where to locate the preference to CS3 in the browse (it's not obvious what to do when I clicked "browse" so I just tried a number of things before I hit on the proper thing), and manually changed all these files to open with CS3 as the default.

                    Everything is working fine now.

                    I didn't find the file association topic in any of the Bridge FAQ. I was lucky to find a topic on it, from last year, by doing a knowledge based search.

                    I don't know why when I reinstalled all the programs, that Bridge preferred to use CS2 to open ACR.