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    Problem with action script from Schewe and Frasier book.

      I am working on a Photoshop CS3 action script to
      open raw files, do a couple of modifications
      in Camera Raw, exit camera raw and save
      the file as a jpeg.

      I think this should work, because I am working
      on an example out of "Camera raw with Adobe
      Photoshop CS3" by Schewe and Frasier which
      shows the step recorded.

      See page 344 of Schewe and Frasier.
      In figure 9-11 you see, after the open
      statement, 10 lines of details like
      "As camera raw"
      "Model:Canon 350d" etc.

      I get the file path and name line, but
      none of the other details reflecting
      actions in Camera Raw.

      The problem is that in setting up the action, none
      of the steps done in camera raw after I do the
      open get recorded.

      And it works in my old CS version !

      Out of frustration I repeated the action
      script creation in my old CS version and
      it worked fine.

      Any idea where I am screwing up ?