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    .orf files won't open in CS2 (Olympus E-3)

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      I recently purchased an Olympus E-3 (previously owned E-330). I use CS2 and Windows XP Media. I am new to shooting RAW images and just got back from a trip where I shot RAW (.ORF) images.

      I updated my DNG converter (Tried both 3.7 and 4.5) and Camera Raw to 3.7 (as that is the highest level supported by CS2). The list of supported cameras include the E-3. But I still get the error message that it can't complete your request because "it is not the right kind of document."

      I try to use the DNG Converter, click on convert and get a message there was an "error parsing the image." So I am not able to convert the .orf files to .dng so I can open in ACR as instructed.

      Since the E-3 should be supported in Camera Raw according to the adobe website, why am I getting this error message? I really enjoy the flexibility of photoshop Camera Raw and wish to continue. I am able to open the .orf files in Olympus Master 2.0 so I believe the files to be intact.

      I have confirmed that the DNG Converter.exe and the Camera Raw file is installed according the Adobe instructions (removed old one, installed new on in the correct folders-Checked and Double Checked.

      I rebooted the computer after install. I am still able to open the .orf files from my E-330 in photoshop. So I don't think PS is configured incorrectly and that Camera Raw is functioning.

      What is the best and easiest way to open these files in Photoshop? I am stuck with a ton of .ORF images that I cannot open. Please help!