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    Problem loading JPEGs from network drive?


      I'm having a rather frustrating problem with Bridge\Lightroom 2 which I think is due to ACR 4.5, and I'm hoping someone here may be able to offer some advice:

      When opening (in bridge) or importing (in Lightroom) a network share containing JPEG images the majority of the previews\thumbnails are corrupted.

      This screenshot illustrates the problem in bridge (http://www.amirkamal.com/acrbug.jpg). As you can see the thumbnails are corrupt as is the preview, however the magnifier tool on the preview window shows the /true/ image. The irfanview window, in the lower right corner, shows what the image should look like, demonstrating that the JPEG itself is not corrupt.

      If I were to import this directory into Lightroom the same problem is present, although the form of the actual image corruption (or even the number of images corrupted) may be different. It also persists through to the develop module as well, making lightroom completely unusable.

      If I disable the 'Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for JPEG and TIFF files' option in Bridge then previews are rendered correctly, which is what leads me to believe that ACR is the problem and not Bridge or Lightroom. This would be an acceptable work around for Bridge, but obviously isn't possible for Lightroom.

      Also, if I copy the JPEGS locally and then import\view them the problem does not occur. The seems only to affect JPEGs: TIFF and Raw (Canon 350d .CR2) files do not show this problem.

      It almost seems as if ACR is trying to process the JPEGs before they have been completely loaded, and thus ends up rendering garbage.

      Has anyone else seen this problem before, or have any idea how to fix it?

      My system specs are below incase they offer any clues,

      Local machine:
      Adobe Bridge CS3
      Adobe PhotoShop Camera Raw
      Windows XP 32bit SP2
      Intel Pentium 4 D @ 3.3GHz
      2Gb RAM
      nVidia 7950GT with latest (175.19) drivers

      Images stored on:
      Windows Server 2k3 R2
      Intel Celeron D @ 3Ghz
      1Gb RAM
      RAID 5 Array
      Connected over a 100mbps network
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          01af Level 1
          I have never worked on image files which are located remotely in a network ... but I noticed a higher probability of problems occurring when working with Bridge on external hard disk drives connected via USB 2.0. So I acquired the habit of copying the folder of images I plan to work on to an internal hard disk drive and do the work there. When I'm done then I'll copy the whole folder (or at least the modified files therein) back to where it came from.

          -- Olaf