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    problems in raw can not copy corections to next image

      hi all

      i think it is since the 4.5 update but i can not when i have a number of images open copy the corection onto the next image. this was done once the 1st image was corected them in the basic drop down menu select custom and the next image would then have the same corection all veru usefull when processing images , but that now does not work.

      what is the fix or new way round.

      many thanks
      for all help

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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
          If you are talking about having several images open in ACR, the process is:
          Make adjustments to the first image.
          Click on the "select all" button.
          Click on the "Synchronize" button.
          Choose the adjustments that you want copied to the other images.

          If you want to do this in Bridge:
          Right-click on the image you have adjusted, choose Camera Settings/Copy Settings.
          Highlight all the images that you want to copy the settings to.
          Right click and choose Camera Settings/Paste Settings.
          Choose the adjustments you want copied to other images.

          If you have several images open in ACR, you can also click on the "Select All" button before you make any adjustments. As you make changes they will then be applied automatically to all of the selected images.