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    urgent help : printjob() problem

    kalyanchakri Level 1

      when i used printjob class for printing pages. in print option window print range selection is disabled. that means i am not able to print specific pages. for example 2-5 pages.
      i am using following code for printing. it's printing all the pages.

      var my_pj = new PrintJob();
      if (my_pj.start()) {
      for (var i = 0; i<_root.iPages; i++) {
      var x = MainPrint["prints"+i]._xscale;
      var y = MainPrint["prints"+i]._yscale;
      MainPrint["prints"+i]._xscale = 86;
      MainPrint["prints"+i]._yscale = 92;
      my_pj.addPage(MainPrint["prints"+i], {xMin:0, xMax:860, yMin:0, yMax:810});
      MainPrint["prints"+i]._xscale = x;
      MainPrint["prints"+i]._yscale = y;
      delete my_pj;