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    Zoom to 100%

    Yammer Level 4
      Being a fan of keyboard shortcuts, I try to remember as many as I can.

      In Camera Raw, I like to use Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to zoom in and out, and I also need to be able to get to 100% view quickly. Often I can use Ctrl-Alt-0 to do this, but often this doesn't work, and I have to resort to zooming in steps. Does anyone know why this is, and how to get around it?

      Also, while we're on keyboard shortcuts, I like to use Ctrl-Shift-I in Photoshop, to invert a selection, but this seems to work intermittently too.

      This may be a Windows XP thing, or a context issue, but any help would be appreciated in clearing up this long-standing mystery for me.
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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
          Weird; ctrl-alt-0 always seems to work for me here.

          You sure it's not a wireless keyboard intermittent connectivity issue?
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            Yammer Level 4
            Absolutely positive. It's a wired keyboard. Plus I can still do Ctrl+ and Ctrl- and Alt-slider.

            I've just tried to replicate the problem. Try this:

            Set the CR display to something other than 100%. Slide a few sliders in the basic panel, and then do Ctr-Alt-0. Now click a different tab, and try Ctrl-Alt-0 again. For me, it only works after clicking the tab.

            It looks like I'm unable to do Ctrl-Alt-0 when the current focus is on a slider value (ie it's just been selected or changed). However, I can still do Ctrl+ etc.
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              JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
              There seems to be a number of things that don't always work. I think that is especially true on a PC. Eric uses, I would guess, a Mac. And it's probably a very powerful one. When things don't work on my PC I just figure that it will usually work itself out and it usually does. Those who use a Mac always seem to prefer it over a PC. But I'm too old and too broke to change.
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                Robert Shomler Level 4
                This happens here if cursor is on an adjustment slider value. For example:

                Open image in acr, do ctrl-alt-0. View will go to 100%. Ctrl-0 to return to 'fit in view.'

                Now either click on an adjustment slider (such as exposure), with or without changing its value (value entry box will be selected - highlighted), or place cursor in numeric entry box for a slider (without changing its value). Now if you try ctrl-alt-0 image display will not change -- will bot go to 100%

                Now hit Enter key to get cursor focus out of the adjustment slider box. Once again ctrl-alt-0 will bring 100& image view.

                This does not appear to affect ctrl-0 action, which will work with or without cursor focus on adjustment slider.
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                  Yammer Level 4
                  Enter?! Yes, it works!

                  I always avoided the Enter key, as that usually translates to 'Done'. But it seems that there is some inconsistency in key operation when a slider is in focus.

                  I wonder if that's by design/accident, or if it's related to the Windows APIs used by the plug-in.