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    ACR 4.6 and PSE6 Organizer still crashes

      I posted this a long time ago for ACR 4.5 and I'm gonna do it again for CR 4.6. Please read below I'm still having the same problem with ACR 4.6 (BETA).

      I'm experiencing the following problem when I download ACR 4.5 to be used with PSE6.

      The problem is that the PSE6 Organizer crash when I try to open the Organizer Preferences. Aparently this only happens with Windows
      Vista because I know of other users with XP and they are not expiriencing this.

      I did try it with the original ACR 4.2 and works well.

      I did try it with the previous ACR 4.4 and works well.

      It only happens when you install the 4.5 and go to the Organizer's Preferences.

      And stills happens with ACR 4.6.

      When I contact the Adobe Customer Support they told me to wait until the new version of ACR, well I guess that nobody there analyze/investigate/test my issue.