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      I'm working with photogrammetric software that need to use pictures without rotation.

      I switched off the autorotation option on the digital camera (NIKON D80) but in camera raw (when opening NEF files) the images are automatically rotate...

      Is it normal?
      How to switch off this option (on camera raw)?

      Thank you
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          Yammer Level 4
          On my camera (D300) there are two settings: one to set the auto-rotate 'flag' and one to do the rotating. You can set both, either, or neither. e.g. I have auto-rotate set, but prefer to preview the image unrotated on my LCD, for maximum size/resolution.

          As far as I know, there is no setting in Bridge/ACR to over-ride auto-rotate. Maybe there is another setting on the D80?
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            dorin_nicolaescu Level 5
            > Maybe there is another setting on the D80?

            Same on D80.