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    ACR 4.6 and Elements 5 for D90?


      I have downloaded the beta ACR 4.6 and copied the Camera Raw.8bi file to:
      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 5.0\Plug-Ins\File Formats\

      It is correctly installed as when I open Nikon D40 .NEF files already in the Organiser it opens ACR4.6. However when I try and import Nikon D90 .NEF files I receive an error message saying the files are corrupt/not a supported format and therefore cannot be imported into the Organiser.

      Am I doing something wrong or is there a workaround?

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          I carried out a little more analysis on this. It turns out that if I launch ACR 4.6 and then use 'File-Open' or 'Process Multiple Files' then I can open my D90 NEFs.
          However when I use Elements 5's 'Photo Downloader' tool it fails to import the D90 NEFs into the catalogue. Does this mean I need to wait for an update to Elements before I can import & view the D90 NEFs via the organiser?


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            Are you using a card reader or are you connecting the camera to the computer? You really should use a card reader. The camera connections are often goofy and depend on setting the camera to act as a hard drive instead of a camera. It's easier and better to just use a card reader...
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              Hi Jeff,

              Yes I use a card reader. It's not an issue with reading the card as I'm currently shooting the D90 as RAW+Fine JPEG. When I launch Elements Photo Downloader it shows me the NEF files + the JPEGS but only the thumbprint image for the JPEGs (The NEF files all have the same icon). It allow me to select both the NEFs + JPEGs for loading into the organiser but then fails to load the NEFs, saying the file is unrecognised or damaged.

              I can however open the NEFs from ACR4.6 within the Elements 5 editor. I'm assuming therefore that ACR 4.6/the editor are fine working with D90 NEFs but the 'Photo Downloader' part of Elements isn't.

              Any further thoughts?


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                What I've done for the time being is coverted .NEFs to .DNGs which of course gets round the issue but adds a step into my workflow. Hopefully there is another option.