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    Raw /Photoshop    color space

      I' own a Canon 450D
      and I was playing arround with the Color spaces.

      As I always take pictures in RAW format I do not know if
      RAW Canon Format is dependent on the defined Color space

      As I use AdobeRGB settings in the camera
      Use AdobeRGB as default setting in Photoshop

      I get the complaint from photoshop that my format is not
      compatible with ADOBERGB but is seen as SRGB

      Is this a Bug IN the Canon Camera ?
      In Adobe Photoshop ???

      or does RAW simply ignores the defined Color space

      (with NIcon Camera's sRGB seems to be specified in the Raw description
      but no real exclusion could be given.

      any idea's without the discussion on the use of both color spaces
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          It would be useful to state what platform and what versions of Photoshop and Camera Raw you are using.

          Also note that setting the color space on the camera relates ONLY to camera processed jpegs, not the raw files. If you are using Camera Raw, the color space is determined by the Camera Raw Workflow Settings, not the tag in the file.