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    Simple Profile Q

      I just finished reading "Real World Adobe Camera Raw With Photoshop CS3" and even though I work in Raw about 8+ hours a day, and I had read the last book (with CS2) about a hundred times, I did come away with some new things learned which will certainly help me get even more out of RAW!

      Question: according to the book you should check under the Camera Calibration tile to see if your camera has a newer profile. I checked a file shot by my Canon 1DS Mark II and there were two options. 2.4 and 4.4. Mine was by default 2.4. So I changed it to 4.4. So, if I am understanding the book right, this is an improved profile for this camera?
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          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
          Yes. All profiles for any camera will successively and cumulative show up there.

          If you work on a raw file that you had never opened before, the latest profile version will show up as default.

          If an older one shows up, it means you had made adjustments to that file earlier using that older profile.