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    D90 and Camera Raw on CS2

      My husband has been looking at the D90. I was thinking of getting it for him for our anniversary. My question: we currently run CS2, but not the whole suite, only photoshop. I know that the camera raw isn't supported even on CS3 and my husband likes to shoot in raw. I've seen mention of the DNG converter for lightroom, which we don't have. I've also seen mention of the ACR, which I admit I don't know what that is so I don't know if we have it on our version of photoshop. Is this a possibility for him? Is there any solution for someone just using CS2 photoshop or are we destined to have to upgrade to CS3? I'd hate to get him this camera and he not really be able to use it the way he wants to. Thanks for any information.
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          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional
          ACR is the nickname of Adobe (Photoshop) Camera Raw, the plugin that lets you open raw files in Photoshop.

          You will need to download the latest version of camera raw available for CS2, 3.7, IIRC.

          Then use the latest version of the DNG converter to convert the raw files to DNG, that ACR will open. For the moment, the plug-in is available in release candidate version: