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    Camera Raw 4.6 not working with D700

      I have a PC with Windows XP Pro, 1 GB of RAM and Service Pack 2, Photoshop CS3 and the latest version of Camera Raw 4.6

      When I open ACR, it does show that I am using Camera Raw 4.6 Beta version and it seems to work properly with my Nikon D200 NEF files.

      However, when I try to see my Raw NEF files from a new Nikon D700 camera, the bridge DOES show the hi-res thumbnail images, but when I press Ctrl+R keys to open the image in ACR, absolutely nothing happens.

      Now if I open Photoshop and then navigate to the exact same NEF file (that wouldn't respond to be opened in ACR,) it WILL open in ACR using the very same Camera Raw 4.6.

      Any comments?
      Thank you,
      Monte Evans