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    panasonic RW2

      Is there a plug-in that will allow me to access raw files taken with a Panasonic DMC-FX150 camera (RW2 is suffix on these files)? DNG converter does not work with these files.
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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
          Camera Raw and the DNG converter always support the same cameras. In other words, ACR 4.6 and DNG converter 4.6 will have the exact same list of supported cameras. I'm not familiar with your Panasonic camera. Either it is extremely new and has not been added yet, or it is not one that is supported. Perhaps others will indicate Adobe's intentions.
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            Thanks for responding. I'm hoping ACR will support it soon. It is a nice little camera, the first point and shoot I found that can shoot RAW. I made the mistake of assuming there would be a plug-in out there to support its RAW files but apparently I jumped the gun.
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              JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
              As you are probably aware, support has to be added for each individual camera model. Generally speaking, making sure there is a third party raw converter to support any specific camera is not a priority for the camera manufacturers. As I understand it, in many cases Adobe must acquire raw files from a user somewhere to use to make the profile. Perhaps someone else will be able to provide an indication as to when/if your camera will be supported. In the meantime, hopefully there was some sort of converter provided by Panasonic.
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                If I send one of my files to someone at Adobe and request they make a profile for it, do you think that will produce a result?
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                  MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                  See this message (#14):

                  Eric Chan, "LR2 Does Not Support .rw2 RAW File" #14, 2 Oct 2008 5:30 am

                  The answer in that post applies to all raw files with the .rw2 extension, including the FX150.
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                    I would like to ask for support for .RW2 files as well, specifically for the LX3. There are a lot of DSLR (Read LR[2] users who are picking up the LX3 as a "Take Anywhere" P&S).
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                      I wonder if I have to upgrade to CS4 to get support, although neither my camera (DMC-FX150) nor yours (LX3) are in this list:
                      My camera makes .RW2 files as well. But since they have a list of cameras supported, does this mean my camera's RW2 files are different than your camera's RW2 files? Does anyone know the answer to this?
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                        JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                        Unfortunately, it isn't just the file type that needs to be recognized. There has to be a profile created for each specific camera model. There is a tag in the metadata that identifies the model, and that is what ACR uses to call the right profile.

                        When support is added for your camera you will be able to use the corresponding DNG converter to create a digital negative copy of each of your raw images. Those DNG files can be edited in any version of ACR from 2.4 on. But if you are looking for full raw support for your camera you will probably have to get Photoshop CS4.
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                          When looking for a solution for my Mac I found a 'raw-photo-processor', that claimed to support all Panasonic P&S cameras. Then I found that the fx-150-rw2s did not work. I sent some samples to the author. Believe it or not - I got a new release that works fine only ONE hour later.

                          So let's hope all this is not that complicated (as this discussion makes it look like) and the 4.7 Camera Raw will solve the problem.
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                            JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

                            There will not be a Camera Raw 4.7. Adobe has moved on to Photoshop CS4 and Camera Raw 5.x, so there will be no more updates for Camera Raw 4.x. If you choose not to upgrade to Photoshop CS4 then you will have to use the latest version of the DNG converter to create Digital negative copies of your files that you will be able to edit in Camera Raw 4.6.
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                              MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                              Michael, as it turns out, the situation is very complicated. Unfortunate, but true.
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                                PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional
                                I wondered if one day, somebody would write some kind of DNG output plug-in for DCRAW.
                                That way, it might mean "pre-preliminary support" for many cameras, if Dave Coffin is as reactive as he was in the past. I am aware that it should be properly crafted, or it will open another can of worms. I'm wondering if it would somehow relieve the pressure on the ACR team or complicate their job...
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                                  MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                                  Interesting idea, PECourtejoie, but unfortunately that would not have helped in this case.
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                                    dorin_nicolaescu Level 5
                                    > Interesting idea, PECourtejoie, but unfortunately that would not have helped in this case.

                                    OMG, Eric, is it that complicated?

                                    I mean, if the problem is really only in Panasonic wanting everyone to correct the strong barrel distortion 'behind the curtains', as they say all over the internet, an dcraw could output a valid DNG, out of an LX3 raw, what could stop ACR from opening that DNG?

                                    By the way, I played with Capture One 4.5 (that comes bundled with LX3's sister, the Leica D-LUX 4). First, it debarrels the raws without even asking you, though normally you have to tick a checkbox. Second, it can output to DNG which can be easily opened in LR (and reveal the considerable barrel distorion). :)
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                                      PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional
                                      Interesting, as I do see the LX3 in the supported cameras on DCRAW's website... I do not recall something specific in the LX3's sensor... but the electronics seems to be edgy.
                                      Very intriguing statement. Let's wait!