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    Camera Raw Workflow Settings - where?


      In Bruce Fraser's and Jeff Schewe's "Camera Raw with .. CS3", p 134, a dialogue box Workflow Options is shown. Likewise, Photoshop CS3 Help > Camera Raw > CR Settings > CR Workflow Options promises "You can see and change these Workflow settings at the bottom of the Camera Raw dialog box."

      I wonder which dialog box the text is referring to. I can not see the Workflow dialog box at the bottom of the dialog box shown in Bridge > Camera Raw Preferences, nor in Bridge > Preferences, nor in Photoshop > Preferences, nor in Photoshop > Edit > Color Settings.

      All the entrances on the Adobe site only lead me to the same PS Help document.

      It would indeed be useful to be able to specify e.g the bit depth as a default, because the PS default seems to be 8 bit (PS > Image > Mode), so I have to remember to set it to 16 for every single image anew.

      I use Mac 10.4.11 on a MacBook Pro, 2GHz processor, 2GB RAM , PS CS3, ACR 4.5

      Thanks for help! Hening.