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    Diff between DNG and native raw support

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      What's the difference between what one can do with a DNG and what one can do with a directly-supported-from-camera raw? I've CS2 and an Sony A300. 4.41 coverts from the 300's raw to DNG (folder at a time, and on down to sub-folders if [x] checked), which CS2 has no problem handling. Am I missing something, or why do some complain about not having "support for my new camera" in CS-old?

      BTW, DNG convertor 4.4.1 specifically lists Sony A200, A300, A350 as supported. DNG 4.5 and 4.6 only still list the A100 and A700. I think the 3.7 from CS2 only shows the A100.
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          Adobe software processes DNG files and "native raw" files exactly the same.

          The only thing you are missing is by using CS2 rather than CS3 (or now CS4) is access to all the new features in the more recent versions of Camera Raw, along with the quality improvements in Adobe's processing algorithms.

          People complain because people like to complain.

          "Adding a step to my workflow" (using the free DNG converter) gets described as "The EVIL Adobe corporation is FORCING me to upgrade by BLACKMAIL."