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    Question about future Camera Matching Profiles

      Hi all, I am a Nikon D300, Windows Vista user.

      Recently I've been comparing Camera Matching Profiles on ACR and Nikon's own proprietary Profiles on Nikon Capture NX with the same NEF files. What I've found is that Camera Matching Profiles don't match when Saturation is adjusted. If I increase saturation in Capture NX's Picture Control panel, not only saturation is increased but also local hue is shifted. For example, a yellow flower looks slightly reddish when saturation is increased. On the other hand, ACR increases only saturation. I'm not sure I said this appropriately, but you'll know what I'm saying if you compare them side by side. Set the Picture Control sliders all to zero, they match. But once Saturation is adjusted, don't.

      In addition, moving recovery slider, and HSL sliders shifts color in the way that I couldn't expect.

      I'm just curious how the future Camera Matching Profiles will deal with them.