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    ACR Problem

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      I have CS3, with windows XP. Have had no problems with ACR until about maybe two months ago. I have all the current updates processed that I'm aware of (last was 4.6 I believe). I have searched the Adobe site but didn't find a solution and hope maybe someone here might have an answer. Since I'm having similar but not quite the same problems on two different computers, I keep thinking it must be a update problem. I have check the updates and ran all that I can find. I don't seem to get automatic updates all the time either. Anyway, problem is:
      When I process an image on my desk top in ACR,the icon's show up in bridge but, the image does not reflect the updates. My desk top was built here by computers upgraders, with just 2GB.
      Now just the opposite happens on my laptop, the updates reflects in bridge but the icons do show up. Laptop is a Acer with intell processer. It has 1GB.
      Hope this is enough info to help you help me. Thanking you in advance. Sherry
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          Do your Camera Raw updates fail to appear only in Bridge's content pane (in Thumbnails) or also in the Preview panel? If the problem appears only in the content pane, then you may have "Quick Thumbnails" set in the Bridge CS3 Thumbnail preferences and seeing only the JPEG-thumbnail your camera embedded din files and not Camera Raw's rendition.

          On the machine where you see that the Camera Raw develop settings are apparent in the appearance of the Thumbnails, but there is no badge icon at the corner of the Thumbnail to signify which files have settings and which do not, try hitting control+T to toggle the "Show Thumbnails Only" setting on and off (it's also in the View menu).
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            Thank you so much for you reply. Your suggestion did work on the laptop where the ACR icons were not showing. I don't know how they were turned off (what a bone head I am!).
            Now on my desktop, I forgot to mention I also don't have a preview pane or metadata pane. I check the preferences in bridge and didn't see where the preview could be turned on/off. Desk top shows updates but does not show the ACR icons.
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              I don't know what happen, but now it's working now and I have the preview windows back. Thank you for you advice. You guys are the best!