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    Phase One Raw File have lines in them (Lightroom 2.1 ACR 5.1)

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      when importing Phase One P25 raw files, Lightroom is displaying tin lines across the image. those lines are not appearing in any of the Capture one Software 3.7 4.1 or 4.5 I guess ACR is not reading the Digital Back Calibration Data. I am managing thousands of Images in Lightroom and I don't want to move back to Capture one as it is very limited in terms of its meta data management and no spot removal yet.

      if I convert the Raw file (IIQ Small or Large) to DNG using Capture one then Lightroom reading the DNG file without the Lines but the file size is 44MB instead of 15MB of the IIQ Small (Phase One Raw Format). obviously duplicating all my images to DNG Quadrupling disk space is not something I want to add to my workflow.

      Adobe, can you improve the way you read the Phase One Raw Files?

      I use Phase One P25 Digital Back with the latest firmware 3.6 , Windows XP 32 and 64bit and Lightroom 2.1 (this problem appears on all Lightroom Versions including 1.4,2.0,2.1)

      I can send to adobe some Raw File Example or assist in any way I can to find a solution.

      Please Help!