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    Cropping in ACR 5

    Benizev Level 1

      In ACR 5 after cropping the window only shows the crop relative to the whole image when in crop mode, when you open the image in ACR or use any other mode the window only shows the picture post crop unlike previous ACR's which showed the image with crop outline always.

      I know this is the way it works in LR but I do prefer it the other way so that I see the 'whole picture' while editing should I decide at any point to work the crop a bit more.

      Any way to get it back to the way it used to be or do I just get used to it?

      Many thanks
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          Thomas Knoll Level 2
          No. If you want to readjust the crop, pick the crop tool again.
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            MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
            (Shortcut: Press C)
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              Benizev Level 1
              Thanks Eric, I do know the shortcut, was hoping there was a way to see the whole image with crop outline when the image was opened or when using anything other than the crop tool as in previous versions of ACR, it seems apparent that I can't. Oh well.
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                rasworth Level 1
                Click on the crop tool and the view returns to the pre-crop view.

                Richard Southworth
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                  Benizev Level 1
                  Yes I know, sigh. I don't want to have to hence this thread!
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                    Level 1
                    You can keep the Crop tool active and do any other work on the image showing the portion of the image that is cropped as well as the outer bounds. The only thing you can't do is use any of the other tools. But all adjustments controls are live even when in the Crop semi-modal state.

                    Additionally, when trying to make a case for a certain behavior to be changed (or changed back) you really need to make a use case far more strongly that "but I don't like it". Preferring to see the whole image when you're working is a personal point of view...but the feature was changed because MANY other people didn't like that. Thus, for the greater good, it was changed (which by the way is something I've fought for so I'm happy).

                    Seriously, unless you can state a real strong use case, the odds of this changing back is somewhere between zero and none.
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                      Benizev Level 1
                      Fair enough, I like to see what I'm working on as I work even if I'm working on a different thing, i.e. colour or whatever, the idea being I always have the whole image in front of me so that the crop will never be final (I can see what I might want to change) until the second I hit 'done'. Unlike cloning or whatever, cropping is such a major change to an image that I want to see it and think about it when I open the image and while I work on it.

                      I do realise that I can see it from the moment I hit 'C' but I would have liked to have it shown when I open the image. I'm a wedding photographer, I often have to crop an image for a specific crop ratio, 8X10 for example. It would be nice when I open the image to see what image space I have to use even after I've applied the crop rather than remembering to hit 'c' each time.

                      Have to admit that I was hoping that there was an option to change it built in hence the question, can't say I even began to think that my question could change Adobe's mind. We'll see how everyone else takes it I suppose.