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    ACR Settings icon question

      I am using CS4, but expect that the question applies to CS3 as well. I cannot get rid of the small icon (two horizontal lines with two small upward-pointing arrowheads) at the upper right of the thumbnail as seen in Bridge. This icon means that the raw file has a setting, or has had a setting?

      I have tried to get it to disappear:

      1) White Balance: As Shot,
      2) chosing Camera Raw Defaults, or,
      3) chosing Reset Camera Raw Defaults,
      4) purging the cache for the folder,
      5) there is no label, star, Reject etc.

      I admit that these choices are a little confusing to me. Should I assume that if the icon persists, there is still a setting applied? If so, how do I eliminate any applied setting?

      Thanks very much,