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    ACR neutral custom wb setting

    rasworth Level 1
      Simple question about a complex subject, for the ACR gurus.

      Where should one set the Temperature and Tint sliders to have unity gain on all three color channels? My assumption here is wb is adjusted by linearly amplifying/deamplifying the red and blue channels (raw values ahead of any colorspace conversion) wrt the green channel, or something similar.

      To me the "logical" values are Temp = 5454 (CCT of perfect white light) and Tint = 0. I believe knowing the values would be useful to help visualize the scene as the camera "saw" it. And I realize the end result on my monitor is not going to be perfect, as there are probably two chromatic adaptation transformations occuring before the colors reach my eyes, but still would be helpful understanding light quality under different environmental conditions.

      Richard Southworth