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    Bridge damaging Raw Files

      Ok this the story, I am a photographer and use PhotoShop CS2 and specialy Bridge to process images from a Nikon D2X camera in RAW format.

      After working fine for months, Bridge is now damaging the raw files and making them useless. This happens as Bridge is reading the contents of a folder and creating the icons of each image. The icon of the image looks good but as soon as it is selected with the cursor... it turns black and the file is damaged. The histogram of the files goes flat, even when the size of the file remains the same.

      I uninstalled Photoshop CS2 and installed Camera One and the problem is the same... as soon as a picture is selected, it turns black and useless.

      Thank you much for your help.
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          Thomas Knoll Level 2
          At first you see the embedded JPEG inside the NEF. Then when you select it, Bridge builds a preview from the actual raw data. The actual raw data in the file seems to be damaged.

          Bridge is NOT damaging the files. They are ALREADY damaged. You are just seeing the existing damage.

          Look elsewhere for your problem. Exactly how did you download the files?