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    CR2 files from Canon Rebel XSi won't open in CS2

      Ok, so I have a powerbook G4 with Tiger Mac OS X and CS2 student version. I am basically computer illiterate so feel free to state the obvious here.

      I bought a new Canon Rebel XSi and have been shooting raw CR2 files. I have done this in the past with a Canon EOS 1D Mark II and never had a problem... now the error window pops up saying my file is unrecognizable. I did the only things I know how to do which was to check for updates and verify permissions in disc utility - this did not help.

      Still thinking it was my computer or the software I backed everything up and wiped the hard drive clean by erasing and reinstalling the original discs and then reloading CS2 and again doing all of the updates - this did not help.

      I have spent 3 days reading in these forums and trying to clear caches and download DNG's (by the directions into the right library) and still it does not work. I even downloaded trial versions of CS3 and CS4.

      Now I'm sure my computer is a downloaded mess and I still have no access to my raw files!

      Please Please Please help me!