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      Firstly, I have the latest nod32 installed, fully upto date. Spybot is also installed and is latest version. All my drivers are also upto date.

      Ok, I'm really at a loss here. I even upgaded to the CS4 trial to see if it would fix it.(from CS3). (I uninstalled CS3 than setup CS4)

      While I am using Camera Raw, (usually Bridge is running in the background) my system will random freeze. I mean, totally freeze, no mouse, no keyboard, no error, whole thing frozen. I can only physically reset the PC. System freeze happens within maybe 4-6 minutes of using the program.

      I did notice a string of a few strange coloured pixels while editing, about 30 seconds before it crashed (with CS4, didn't get that on CS3)

      My system is stable otherwise, 3D games work fine, no errors or anything like this happen with other apps.

      Are there any steps I can take to try and narrow down the cause of this?


      I have XP Pro, SP3. Camera Raw 5.0
      I have 2 GB RAM,
      AMD X2 3800 Dual core
      Abit KN9s NF5.
      Nvidia 7600 GS 256mb
      Canon EOS 450d