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    Saving alternate edits of a Raw file

      I am wondering how best to save several alternate versions of the same Raw file. I'm aware that it's possible to save presets, but these don't seem to be image-specific - ie, all the presets I create are available for every Raw file I open. If I'm going to save a few alternate versions of several Raw files then the settings menu and Presets tab are going to get fairly crowded.

      Is there any way of saving image-specific settings so that they only appear in the settings menu when that image is opened? I imagine this depends on whether it's possible to save alternate settings in the same xmp file. If the option isn't available then I'd suggest this as a possible new feature.

      At the moment the only option I can see is save different versions of the same file as DNGs, and stack them in Bridge.

      Apologies if I'm missing something