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    Camera Raw Photoshop CS2 & Bridge Parsing Problem

      I am having an issue with Photoshop CS2. I am trying to work on a .tiff file that I have used the HDR automate tool from. The HDR renders files in 32-bit and therefor I render back to 16-bit once I have compressed the files and save as a .tiff file.

      I then use bridge to try and open the .tiff file and the camera raw file is shaded grey. I also have tried opening in PS CS2 and this message comes up when I try and force Camera Raw to Open..."Could not complete your request because the file-format module cannot parse the file".

      PS will open the tiff file on a compressed version and not in the Camera Raw Function.

      I have read numerous posts on this kind of problem and people say to update your camera raw plu-in and I have done that and am having the same problem.

      Any suggestions I would very much appreciate it.