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    XMP files gone ??

    mpphoto1 Level 1
      Just installed CS4 due to CS3 not being usable anymore. Bridge certainly works much better or so I thought- Just got through working on 5 folders...when I go back and look at the images..all the adjustments are gone.

      There is a symbol that says the image has XMP file (the one in the top right hand corner) it also still shows any crops I might have made...but for example the image might be at a temperature of 6000 and when I made the adjustments it was at a much cooler temp such as 3100.

      As I said this has happened in more than one folder ( but all images in that folder )...what the heck is going on ?

      Mac os 10.5.5 CS4
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          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
          Have you tried rebuilding the cache for each offending folder (one by one) through the Tools menu in Bridge yet?
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            Oddly enough this is almost the same issue I'm having with CS3 on an XP machine. Since about two or three CR4 releases ago I intermittently can't save changes to xmps either by Export Settings to XMP, by Open Image or by Done. They show the crop and that adjustments have been made but when opened the images are at the default and the crop is either not there at all or is a previous crop. Very strange.