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    Processing Canon G10 RAW Images in CS3 and Lightroom 2.1

      I've not found a post on point. If I've missed one, sorry.

      Contemplating getting a G10. After research here's what I understand. Please, correct me if I am wrong:

      1. To process a G10 image in ACR, one has to have 5.2. One cannot use 5.2 in CS3. To process the image in CS3 one has to first convert to DNG. This can be done by way of a separate converter OR in Lightroom 2.1, on import.

      2. Lightroom 2.1 will process the image in either RAW or DNG formats.

      So, since I own both Lightroom and CS3 -- I will be able to use ACR in Lightroom if I don't want to convert to DNG first.

      Am I right?

      I don't want to buy the camera if I can't use my usual workflow.



      PS. I think my CS4 Master Suite will arrive tomorrow. But, there is a lot of odd information about ACR and the G10 out there so I thought I'd take the time to clear it up and see if I got it right.