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    Nikon D90 + Raw + Adobe?

      System Mac 0sx 10.4.11 Adobe cs4 Photoshop Bridge Lightroom + Nikon Capture NX2 Raw 5.2

      Ok read through a lot of posts found many people asking the same question in different ways but am still not clear on the answer

      Problem download photo from Nikon D90 as nef with a custom color profile ie Vivid +3 saturation. finder thumbnails display correctly the image as the camera displays the photo.
      Open in Bridge or Lightroom (2.1) thumb nails display correct color as per Camera for a short time then reset to a default color ie they loose the vivid +3 Saturation setting from the camera.
      I open in camera raw (bridge) or in lightroom play with the settings in camera calibration I can in some ways return it back close to how it was taken on the camera?
      Open in Nikon Capture NX2 it displays as was taken on the camera and available to develop from there. Save as a tiff open in any adobe program it displays as it was first taken on the camera just not now available to adjust as a raw image in adobe.

      Ok so question am I unable to obtain a raw image in adobe as it was taken by camera and as displays and is available in nikon capture nx2.

      I have been rolling around this problem for five days and still do not feel clear on the answer
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          >am I unable to obtain a raw image in adobe as it was taken by camera and as displays and is available in nikon capture nx2.

          No...not exactly as Nikon's raw processing and Adobe's is different...you can use one of the Nikon DNG Profiles for your camera...in the Camera Calibration profile dropdown, but that's it. Raw is raw and any interpretation is subject to the raw processing engine. There is no "correction" rendering...just different flavors. Then you adjust to taste.
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            Thanks for my many many hours of reading your reply confirms how I have come to understand it. Which makes any pre sets or editing done on the camera pointless?? unless I use Nikons software.?

            To be honest a bit frustrating!!
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              It's a question that is answered here all the time. So much so, I think there shoud be something written on the tin.

              Every raw processor, including the camera's own raw processor, has it's own opinion, much like the people in this forum. Some opinions are thought to be more important than others, but, at the end of the day, they're just that, opinions.

              You might be forgiven for thinking that Nikon's opinion is more important than Adobe's, after all, they made the darned camera. But when you render a raw image, all you're doing is interpreting the data according to a set of rules, and no rules are necessarily better than others.

              Nikon's Picture Controls are a sets of rules used by the camera processor (and View NX and Capture NX) to produce a certain 'look'. Shooting raw bypasses normal jpeg processing, and so largely bypasses all that stuff. However, Nikon software assumes you want to process raw using the chosen Picture Control as a starting point - fair enough, but it should *only be a starting point*, else what is the point in shooting raw?

              Adobe has addressed this issue of frustration by providing a set of Camera Profiles for every camera, in its latest versions of Camera Raw and DNG Converter. Select the Camera Calibration tab and dial in your desired camera profile to simulate one of Nikon's Picture Controls.

              But don't forget that Picture Controls and raw processing aren't really meant to be used together. That's one of the main reasons people shoot raw in the first place - because they have their own opinions.
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                "It's a question that is answered here all the time. So much so, I think there shoud be something written on the tin."

                I think the quote above from the past post really sums it up it should be the biggest and loudest bit of info going. It has taken me a good week of reading and searching to come to this point of understanding.

                In part this began going through the process of learning how to use the new camera which in its self is a huge task. I began to ask myself the question what was the point of all the pre set and custom settings in the camera and the large preview screen on the back if when editing it in my chosen piece of software I was going to go back to default look where I was going to start again. I have began to realize that Picture Controls have there own place as do Raw images in a default state ready to be processed have theirs.

                I think I have this right if i want the image to be pre processed on the camera and arrive on my computer the same with the ability to tweak it after Use Nikons Software Nx2 ??

                Enjoy the freedom of default raw and play with it in Adobe??

                I guess it is all about choices and which path each individual person is going to go. And so I guess here it begins for me choosing and learning my own path.

                I appreciate the response it has helped me make a giant leap in my understanding of the hard ware and software I have in front of me, a better understanding of the versatility given to me by all the manafactures involved in the work flow.
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                  I made the assumption that you are shooting in raw (as this is the Camera RAW forum). If this is the case, then you can use Bridge/Photoshop with Camera Raw to develop your images (using standard adobe camera profiles or simulated Nikon profiles), OR you can use Nikon NX software. Either will work, and you may prefer one to the other.

                  If you are shooting JPEG, your camera has already discarded a large part of your image data. You can still process the image in Camera Raw to get the benefits of basic retrospective camera adjustments, but with an increased chance of processing artefacts, and less chance of recovering detail in highlights and shadows.

                  I haven't used NX for JPEG processing (or even if it can do it), so I can't give any advice.
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                    It can be a real challenge to become accustomed to all of this digital photography technology. Having a new camera can be challenging enough. Then, if you add to that the challenge of understanding raw development, it's possible to create a seemingly insurmountable backlog of learning to go through. If you haven't already purchased this book, I strongly suggest that you purchase "Real World Camera Raw with Photoshop CS3" written by the late Bruce Fraser and updated by Jeff Schewe. Jeff is a frequent contributor to this forum. His answers are often abrupt, but he knows what he's talking about. The book I mentioned will answer all your questions and help you understand why Camera Raw works the way it does as well as efficient ways to use it. If you have Photoshop CS4 you might want to wait for the next release of the book which I understand will be available soon. If you study the book you will probably discover where the people who answered your questions got their answers.
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                      You can make your own default in ACR close to the "Vivid +3 saturation" default you made in camera. I suggest you try the Camera Vivid profile in ACR and experiment with Vibrance and Saturation to your liking. It would not be exactly the same but close enough for a default starting point.

                      I like to see raw converters and their profils similar to film type in the old days. Not only one film was "correct". Choose which type you like and with a good raw convert you can even make your own version.
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                        Thanks for all the advice I am very glad to of visited these forums and hope others searching through the extensive discussions on raw find this of use, it has helped me more than I can convey.

                        I will take up the suggestion of looking out for the cs4 version of Real World Camera Raw with Photoshop