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    cannot delete camera raw.8bi in Vista32 folder

      Hello - a peculiar access rights problem?

      I just manually updated ACR5.2 "camera raw.8bi" in the correct folder in Vista64 and in the CSPS4 64bit environment. I had no problem to overwrite the old file. Neither PS nor bridge are running.

      Now the same procedure did not work in the 32bit folder:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS4\File Formats

      I am admin and even after reboot with no software started except "computer" explorer to do the copying I cannot replace or delete the file "camera raw.8bi". Looking at the file access right it shows that administrators have right of full control. Yes it could be any Vista rights bug but other than this occurrence my system works well for a few weeks now. Is there a way in Vista to see if an (unknown) running program has control over a file or keeps it open?

      Before I spend much time to update my knowledge of Vista file rights (just moved from XP because of the need for 64bit system) I want to check if there is a known problem related to PSCS4.

      Any idea? Thanks for your time.
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          John Joslin Level 6
          I turned UAC off and left it off the first time I started Vista and saved myself a lot lot of hassle.

          Regarding the plug-ins, there is no problem if you do it correctly. If you read the instructions, you are meant to totally remove or delete the old plug-ins before trying to place the new versions in the correct folders.

          By trying to overwrite you may ave screwed things up. You could try a system restore and start again.