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    Mystery posterization in RAW images

    Pixel Mixer Level 1
      So I was reviewing some RAW files from my holiday photos in Bridge, and I bumped some keys in the bottom left area of my keyboard and ever since, every time I left-click on a thumbnail, the thumbnail changes. It's as if the RAW settings are being altered somehow. For example, with these photos of Moon Jellyfish, the red underlined images are unchanged, while the images following are posterized and crappy in general:


      The settings or whatever that are being changed seem to be consistent no matter what the image is of, because in some brighter images the change wasn't as obvious as in the dark blue jellyfish shots.

      I've tried resetting the camera RAW settings to the camera default, and opening the files in Photoshop in case Bridge was the problem, but with no luck. I can't find the software CD that came with my camera either so I can't use the factory RAW viewing software instead. I've also tried turning high quality thumbnails on in Bridge and purging the cache, and things appear to go back to normal, but as soon as I try to open one of the RAW files, they go all posterized again. I even completely removed Photoshop, Bridge and all of their settings and reinstalled them but the posterization continues.

      Does anyone have any idea what I might have accidentally changed?

      I'm on Windows Vista with the CS3 suite and a Canon 350D DLSR.