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    Photoshop Defaults

      I convert from RAW to Tiff and want to avoid scrolling down from PHOTOSHOP (PSD) to TIFF for each photo. Any way to set the default setting to TIFF (from PHOTOSHOP PSD)? Sure would save me time.
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          Wrong forum...this is Camera Raw, not Photoshop...
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            Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            So you've already converted into Photoshop and are in Photoshop trying to save as a TIFF?

            When I do it, Photoshop CS4 remembers whether I last saved as Photoshop or TIFF, so I don't have to change it next time. I tried it with CR2 and DNG files that were converted to Photoshop and not yet saved. Once I switched the Save format, that became the default for the next converted raw file.

            If your copy of Photoshop isn't doing that, you could click that Format menu in the Photoshop Save As dialog and type "TI" to jump immediately to the TIFF format. Then you don't have to scroll.

            Or you can create an action that always saves to TIFF with your specs.
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              rasworth Level 1

              I often open a raw file from Bridge, perform whatever Camera Raw edits, and then do a Save As directly from Camera Raw into whatever format desired, including tif. No need to invoke Photoshop.

              The Save As format is persistent, once tif is chosen it will remain until changed.

              Richard Southworth