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    DNG Profile problems..

    Richard_Costin Level 1
      I am using the profiles for my D3 in lightroom 2.2 but as it shares the same processing code I thought I'd ask here too..

      I am getting odd (usually purple) colour blobs in some of the raw files which do not appear in NX2 rendering using the "vivid profile. The blobs do not appear in "adobe standard"

      If anyone else is having this problem or can help it would be much appreciated.

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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
          Saturation and contrast controls in CR/LR are different from saturation and contrast controls in NX2, so you should not expect to get the same results from the two apps after boosting saturation and contrast.
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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Are you talking about the noise? I see no other purple blobs. Capture NX applies very aggressive noise reduction in the default settings so to get similar results, increase the chroma noise reduction.
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              Richard_Costin Level 1
              Hi guys, thanks for the replies.

              I fixed the problem by switching to "Adobe Standard" profile (and note no matter how far I push the saturation in LR then the blob is simply not there). This seems to match camera vidid much closer than "ACR 4.3 etc when I bump the saturation and contrast.

              Also, the problem was visible (albeit to a lesser extent) in the Camera vivid profile with no additional saturation applied.

              I took nose reduction off in all programs and the colour noise suppression in LR did not effect the purpleness.

              I have an additional image which shows the problem much clearer which I may post if anyone is interested if I get some spare time this evening.

              Thanks all.