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    8bit processing works, 16bit processing crashes Photoshop

      If I open a .CR2 file (from either a Rebel Xsi or a 5D Mark II or a .nef file from a Nikon D700) in Camera Raw (5.2) from Bridge I can manipulate the file in Camera Raw. However, after I finish Camera Raw adjustment, if I have Camera Raw set to 8 bits per channel I can open the file into Photoshop (CS4). But if I have Camera Raw set for 16 bit output Photoshop crashes when I click the Camera Raw open button.

      I can also open, manipulate and print these file in Lightroom, but if I try to export from Lightroom to Photoshop, the export crashes Photoshop. This is new behavior.

      Clearly the problem is not specific to the type of raw file I am processing.

      I am running Mac OSX 1.4.11 on a G5 Intel tower with 4G of RAM.

      Any ideas why 8 bit conversion works and 16 bit doesn't?