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    Bridge CS4 has no Camera Raw

      Hi Again,

      Mac OS X 10.5.6 MBP PSCS4

      Camera Raw Preferences are grayed out in Bridge CS4 and neither NEF nor DNG images can be viewed in the browser, just the icon for a NEG or DNG file. I have to open a file in Photoshop CS4 Camera Raw to see the image. I can't use Bridge as a browser under these conditions. I don't know when this happened but I had problems with the language in Photoshop CS4 Camera Raw and although I have just solved that problem, I still cannot due a reinstall of the Camera Raw plug-in because the Updater says it's already installed even when the File Formats folder is empty. I can't find an uninstaller for Camera Raw. Purging the cache in a folder with NEF and DNG images did not restore functionality.

      I thank my lucky stars that I use LR 2.2 which has Camera Raw functionality baked in and is not dependent upon a plugin.

      Anyone have any ideas about what's going on? A solution?