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    Opening Imacon Files: What am I missing?

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      Whenever I try to open in Photoshop an Imacon fff file (the origin was an Imacon camera back), I get a much smaller preview. And it does not open as a RAW file (as do our Phase One files)

      I have the Imacon3f.plugin installed and I see Imacon 3f as an optional format.

      Any advice?


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          Hi Gary,

          If you have a recent version of Hasselblad's (Imacon) FlexColor software, I would simply export the fff files as DNG. They should then open in Photoshop Camera Raw as expected. If I recall, fff files have low-resolution TIFF files embedded and that is what Photoshop is opening - it treats them as TIFF files, despite the different file extension.

          Current versions of FlexColor are 4.8.8 for Mac and 4.8.6 for Windows, if I recall.

          [EDIT] If you have lots of files, it is certainly possible to batch export to DNG and FlexColor is very fast, taking only a few seconds per fff... if you have a fast machine.

          Mike Mander
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            I was hoping to use the plug in to avoid using Flexcolor. I can't figure out how to open or process my 3f images in it. When I try to use the Import window, they are not selectable. When I drag and drop the image into Flexcolor, a screened back version of it appears in the main window. But, I can't do anything to it. For example, if I change the color temperature or exposure, nothing happens to the image in the window.

            I know this isn't Flexcolor support. But, there must be some way to get these images into Photoshop.

            Thank you for your help,

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              Hi Gary,

              There are two "stages" to importing images in FlexColor. Once they have been imported already (either imported off a CF card, or tethered - depending on which Imacon back you have?), they will not show up in the Import window any longer. To browse already imported files, click the thumbnail button, just to the right of the import button near the top-left of the main FlexColor window. The thumbnail button has the little 9-square grid on it. When you click on it, the thumbnail window will open - usually by default it points to a "Scratchpad" folder on your desktop. The popup menu at the top left of this window (probably will say "Scratchpad") can be clicked and "Choose Location..." will then allow you to navigate to a folder with your .fff images. Here is a screenshot (the thumbnail button is the right one, below the Save button on the main window):


              Then you should see thumbnails of your images. At that point, highlight the images you want to convert to DNG and click the "Save..." button on the left side of the thumbnail window (not the one on the main window). In the resulting Batch Save dialog that opens, change the Mode from "Normal" to "DNG" as in the following screenshot:


              Then click "Save...", choose a destination folder and that's it. Your files will be batch converted to DNG. Hope that solves your problem!

              Also, dragging-and-dropping an image into FlexColor tells FlexColor to use it as an image overlay to aid in composing, for example, a studio setup shot for an ad. You can move and scale the image overlay, as well as change its opacity. It is simply a compositional aid - that is not how you open an image for processing. You have to use the thumbnail "Scratchpad" window to do that. When you double-click on a thumbnail, it will then open in the main window and all the tools will be active. However it seems as though you have virtually no experience using FlexColor so for now, I would suggest converting your images to DNG and using Photoshop for your processing. When you have more time, it would be worth exploring FlexColor more as it can do a very good raw conversion. Or, for that matter, Hasselblad's new Phocus software.

              Good Luck!
              Mike Mander
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                Thank you, thank you, thank you. This has been a huge mystery to me. Now, I can try to figure out the color settings and why, when opening an image shot with a Mamiya, Flexcolor insists on applying Hasselblad RGB settings.

                That wasn't a question, btw. It was more to indicate the layers of mystery they have designed into Flexcolor.

                This, however, is a question which just struck me: What is the role of Photoshop's Imacon3F.plugin if you cannot open their images as RAW?

                Thanks again,

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                  You're welcome.

                  I honestly have not tried to use the 3F plugin for a very long time. There is a good chance it simply doesn't work with newer Imacon and Hasselblad digital back files. FlexColor has had the DNG conversion capability for quite a few years now, so it is quite possible the plugin has not been updated because of that. Also, now that I think of it, I don't really think the plugin was ever intended for full-scale raw processing. I do not remember ever seeing any controls, no matter how rudimentary, for white-balance, exposure etc. Just ignore the plugin and use the DNG conversion I would say!

                  So in other words, I do not really have a definitive answer as to the role of that plugin - it has been too long since I've looked at it...

                  As to your first "question" that wasn't a question, I will try to answer it regardless. :-)

                  I presume you are aware that Imacon and Hasselblad have merged? When you put a Hasselblad (Imacon) digital back on a Mamiya, a Hasselblad, a Contax etc., well the digital back is still the same as far as colour rendering and so on. Changing to a Mamiya body does not really affect anything (ignoring subtleties of how lenses might render colours and contrast of course) so the software uses the default "Hasselblad RGB" regardless of camera brand. Think of "Hasselblad RGB" as meaning "Imacon Digital Back RGB" in your case, and it will make more sense!

                  Since this thread is indeed going off any Adobe-related topics now, if you do have further questions, I would still be happy to help. You can email me personally via the contact page on my website - where the earlier screenshots were hosted.

                  This is also a very good resource, the Flexframe user group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Flexframe/

                  One final tip... even if you have converted all your files to DNG, I would still keep the original fff raw files. For some bizarre reason, although FlexColor can output DNG files, it cannot read back in those converted DNG files. I think even the newer Phocus software has that limitation. This is something that Hasselblad will resolve in the future I believe, but for now, play it safe and keep the originals...

                  Cheers, and Happy New Year!
                  Mike Mander
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                      i have Q CAMERA RAW 5.2 NOT SUPPORT 3F
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                        Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                        Welcome to the forums, Nabegh.

                        Just a note of caution: Please don't shout. Text in all caps is hard to read on screen and it's considered shouting.

                        The current version of Camera Raw is 5.3, released yesterday,

                        I assume 3F is an Imacom?
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                          ok my dear whay photoshop cs4 not read all ram he read only 3 gb and i am have 8 gb ram?????????? :) sorry 4 my language
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                            Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

                            You haven't told us a thing about your machine, your platform, Macintosh or Windows, your version of the OS and your version of the OS, etc.

                            The only way Photoshop can use more than the 3+ GB you are seeing is if you're using Photoshop CS4 under 64-bit Windows Vista.

                            When running Macintosh or any flavor of 32-bit Windows, what you see is normal. It's elementary computing math.

                            Your question mark key seems to stick, too. ;)
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                              i am use pc xp 32 bit and vista 64 bit and photoshop cs4 when i use vist 64 bit with cs4 64 bit he read all ram but not read any plugins and when i use xp 32 bit with cs4 he read helf ram and all plugine what i can do ??:(
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                                Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                                >what i can do ?

                                First, you could stop hijacking this totally unrelated thread and start your own thread (topic) in the Adobe Photoshop Windows forum.

                                What you are seeing is normal. You need to update all your plug-ins to 64-bit versions.

                                Please, do not reply here. Go to the Adobe Photoshop Windows forum and post there:

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                                  Where do you get this plugin?

                                  (can't believe I didn't know about it... heh.)
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                                    Thanks to Mike for advice on opening 3f files. I'm on a Mac and have some scans (color negative) that I tried to open so I could convert to dng, using the flexcolor route. In my case, in the batch save window the option for dng is greyed out. Am I mising something?




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