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    CS4 Bridge and D90 NEF (RAW)


      I have recently purchased a bran new D90 and am having major issues in getting PS bridge to open the RAW (NEF) files in the CR utility. I have reviewed all the posts on here and tried to follow all the instructions!

      I have
      1) downloaded the latest CR version from the Adobe website and installed it (version 5.2)

      2) removed the NIKON NEF codec

      3) purged the Cache for the folder that the NEF files are located in.

      None of this seems to have helped!!

      Has anyone managed to solve this??

      PLEASE help!
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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
          It would be nice to know what operating system you are using. Additionally, here are some things to check on:

          1. Are you sure you installed Camera Raw correctly? Did you delete the old version? Has it been removed from the Adobe file structure?

          2. In Photoshop, go to Help/about Plug-ins and click on Camera Raw. There should only be one instance listed and when you click on it Photoshop should indicate that you have 5.2.
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            Level 1
            Hi Jim,
            I am using windows Vista (32bit - can't afford to upgrade everything to 64 bit architecture!).

            1.) I belive i installed it correctly(?) I opened the Zip downloaded from the adobe support site (version 5.2). I didn't delete the old version (Opps?). If i didnt delete the old version then it would still be in the file structure.

            2) Did this and found 2 versions! & 5.2. I opened the plugins folder in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Plug-ins\File Formats and deleted the camera raw plugin. (but there was only 1 not 2 versions)!

            after your reply i thought i would try to rerun the 5.2 install and see if two versions appeared again - NOPE! It I dont know what the installer from adobe does, but it seems the only way to get two verisons to apear in the plugin meni on help is to manualy copy the camera.8bi into the file formats folder.

            thanks again for your help
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              Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
              Get rid of the old plug-in ASAP!

              At the very least, put a tilde in front of its file name, and hide it somewhere innocuous, like your Documents folder.
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                JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                It seems that the automatic installation features are still not working properly. I'm still using Photoshop CS3, so I haven't followed the new stuff very closely. There are installation instructions on the download page for ACR. Go back and review those instructions. There should be somewhere in there that will tell you what folder ACR should be placed in. Put it there manually, don't rely on the automatic installer. Then get rid of any other copies of Camera Raw.8bi. You don't need the older versions for anything. If you keep them around they will just create problems, as you are experiencing.
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                  John Joslin Level 6

                  Just as an aside, you don't have to "upgrade everything to 64 bit architecture" if you use a 64-bit version of Vista.

                  I have dozens of 32-bit applications running quite happily and PS can see 7219MB of my 8000MB of RAM. I give it 70%, which is within its Ideal Range in the Performance settings.
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                    Does anyone know how to fix Camera Raw in Bridge so you can see the images? I can double click on the icons and it opens in the Photoshop CS4 Raw editor, but I can't see the actual NEF images in Bridge. Thanks!
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                      PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional
                      Yes, purge the cache for the "offending" folders in Bridge, IF camera raw is installed in the correct location (see the FAQs)
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                        Fabiola Rodríguez

                        HELP PLEASE...


                        I have recently purchased a bran new NIKON D90 last December 2010 , and I can open my raw files. My computer is an Imac (Mac OS X version 10.6.7)

                        And I have the CS4 CREATIVE SUIT. When I want to open my raw files in Bridge and Photoshop I can't open them. The camera raw plug-in is version Can you help me please? I don't know what to do.


                        Thank you,



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                          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Update your Camera RAW plug-in from 5.0 to 5.7 which according to the ReadMe supports the D90.  It may work to just use Help / Updates... in Photoshop to automatically get the update, or you may need to download and update manually.


                          For the latter, go to:


                          and choose Camera RAW - Macintosh in the dropdown at the top, click Go, then choose the 5.7 update link.

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                            Fabiola Rodríguez Level 1

                            Thank you very much ssprengel... I followed your instructions and now, I can see my raw files, I can believe it!!!

                            Once again thanks a lot. This forum is amazing.



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                              Fabiola Rodríguez Level 1

                              Yesterday I installed the 5.7 Camera Raw Plugin and I could see my raw pictures, but today when I tried to see my raw files I couldn't see them. So, I eliminated the plugin and install again it. Now, I can open my raw files but I can't see the pictures thumbnails, I can see just the NEF thumbnails. And it is a problem because I don't know what picture I' m opening. Can you help me again, please?


                              Thank you


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                                Noel Carboni Level 8

                                How are you trying to see your thumbnails?


                                Bridge should show them, though if you've recently updated the Camera Raw plug-in you may need to clear the cache to get it to regenerate them.  Try Tools - Cache - Purge in Bridge.


                                You will not be able to see NEF file thumbnails in Explorer unless you add a 3rd party codec.



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                                  Fabiola Rodríguez Level 1

                                  Thanks to answer my message. I don't know how to clear the cache. I tried to do it, but when I open Bridge and go to tools-cache, their are just two options:

                                  build and export cache and purge cache for folder portrait ( it depends where I am in bridge, for example: If I am in desktop says: purge cache for desktop)

                                  Can you tell me how to do this step by step, please?


                                  The camera Raw version that I download is 5.7 and has three folders: extensions (here is the camera raw 5.0All-070410040127) is this correct?

                                  the second folder is resources, and the last one is Setup (Apr 7, 2010) 

                                  My computer is an Imac, OS X10.6.7

                                  I have the creative suit CS4.


                                  Thanks a lot,


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                                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                                    Unfortunately, I'm not a Bridge expert, but I believe you need to purge the cache for the folder in which you'd like to see the raw file thumbnails.  Then it will rebuild the thumbnails.


                                    I am also not a Mac user, so I can't answer your specific question about the download.  I am used to posting in the Photoshop Windows forum; I apologize that I neglected to ask you what system you use.



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                                      Michelle Qi Adobe Employee

                                      Hold on the "Option" key when you launch Bridge, there should be a "reset settings" dialog comes up, check on 'purge entire cache" option.


                                      By the way, the "Tools-Purge cache xxx" should work for the specific folder, you are seeing "Purge cache for desktop" because you navigated to desktop in Bridge.

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                                        Fabiola Rodríguez Level 1

                                        Hi Noel,

                                        Thank you very much. You are a very nice person. No problem.








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                                          I just installed CS4 on my laptop, along with the Camera Raw 5.1 download for the Nikon D300s.  I've extracted the Camera Raw to Program Files/ Adobe/Adobe Photoshop Cs4/Plugins.  I also put it in File Formats --- I've tried everything I can think of, restarting my computer each time.  In Bridge, only the nef icon for the image shows--- I can open and develop it, but the image itself does not show in Bridge, only the nef icon.  I also  purged the cache.  What am I doing wrong  or what else do I need to do?  Thanks!

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                                            BokehLV Level 1

                                            I'm confused.  I thought we were to download the Camera Raw that refers to our specific camera --- 5.1 specifices Nikon d300s (my camera).  Camera Raw 5.7 makes no mention of my camera model.

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                                              Level 4

                                              BokehLV wrote:


                                              I'm confused.  I thought we were to download the Camera Raw that refers to our specific camera --- 5.1 specifices Nikon d300s (my camera).  Camera Raw 5.7 makes no mention of my camera model.



                                              Good grief ,  no !


                                              As mentioned in my response to your other thread:


                                              Once a version of Camera Raw supports a given camera, that camera will be supported in ALL subsequent versions of Camera Raw.


                                              ALL versions of Camera Raw have unannounced bug fixes as well as improvements compared to any earlier version.


                                              Therefore, for CS4 you want 5.7—ALWAYS.




                                              Wo Tai Lao Le


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                                                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                The Camera RAW Readme lists all the camera's it supports.  It is a link from the main Camera RAW updates page.

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                                                  I am having this same issue with CS3. I manually dropped the plug in into the file formats folder there were two versions showing up when I checked in photoshop so I deleted the one I had put in there.


                                                  I can not find any other camera raw plug ins to remove...


                                                  I am on a mac I am trying to open an NEF taken with a D3.

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                                                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                                                    Keeping in mind that Adobe stops adding new camera support to older versions of Photoshop when they release a newer version (so in your case, Camera Raw 4.6 is the latest version that will work with Photoshop CS3), then you'll need to go look up whether your camera is supported in version 4.6.


                                                    In general:


                                                    1.  Look on one of the following two pages for the latest Camera Raw version update that works with your Photoshop version:





                                                    2.  Follow the link to the highest-numbered Camera Raw update for your version of Photoshop.


                                                    3.  Follow the link within that page to the ReadMe information for that version of Camera Raw.


                                                    4.  Go to the section in your native language and look through the complete list of supported cameras to see if your model is there.


                                                    If your camera model is not shown there, your options are:


                                                    A.  Buy a Photoshop upgrade to the latest version so you can open your raw files right into Photoshop.

                                                    B.  Use the free Adobe DNG Converter to convert your raw files to DNG format, which your version of Photoshop can open.

                                                    C.  Buy Photoshop Lightroom, which also provides a converter.  Note that this will not be integrated with your older version of Photoshop.