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    QA checklist for a Captivate project?

      Does anyone have a list of things to check for when reviewing a Captivate project that someone else created, in other words, a Quality Assurance checklist?
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          chopper523 Level 1

          Written down? No. But that is an awesome idea. Here's some things I check for:


          1. Are all the captions the same color, same font, same alignment (Captivate likes to throw curve balls sometimes. Not sure why.)
          2. Do all the buttons, click boxes work how they are supposed to? (Test everything. Back and forth again and again)
          3. Does each slide just look nice, symmetrical, plenty of white space, not to cluttered?
          4. Does the audio sync up with the captions or graphics being used?
          5. Can you think of any way to spice up the module by adding graphics, animations, or audio, voice or music?
          6. Are the hightlight boxes and other pointers noticeable? (You'd be surprised what the designer sees compared to what the user sees.)
          7. Does it flow? Does it feel like you are just going through it or are there random thoughts or tangents thown in that need deleted or reorganized?


          Hope that gets you started.

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            chopper523 Level 1

            Oh and don't forget the Spell Check!!!! Use F7 or go to Project Menu and use Spell Check button.