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    ACR Cache

      I own CS3.
      My digital processing PC has 3 drives.
      My C: drive has just programs and OS. It is a 36 GB WD Raptor
      My D: drive is a slower WD Caviar 320GB and houses my RAWs and processed jpgs. I use other 320GB Caviar drive (my E: drive) as one of my backups (should D: fail).

      The other day I noticed, to my surprise, that my C: drive had less than 1 GB of free space remaining. Hmm, that's interesting, I didn't have THAT many programed installed. I looked to see how this was possible and noticed that there is a huge amount of space (>6 GB) in the user "Documents and Settings" folder devoted to both Camera Raw and Bridge cache in various 'Application Data" folders. I prefer to have more free space on my primary C: drive. I noticed Picasa was storing a ton of files on it as well as freed a few GBs of space by only allowing Picasa to view JPEGs (and not my RAWs). So i wonder if there is some maintenance/preference changes I can do with CS3 to further create drive space. The E: drive is only used whenever I backup files.

      In ACR Preferences I noticed I could change where Camera Raw's cache is stored. Should I change it to my rarely used, but slower, E: drive or just decrease the size of the cache? Can I do so for the Bridge cache as well? And if I do change the cache's location, will all of the information currently store in the cache's present location be migrated to the new location automatically?

      Any advice is appreciated. I prefer to be taking photos rather than trying to figure out how my computer works.
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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I highly doubt that 320 GB drive is slower than the 36 gig drive, but you can absolutely put the cache wherever you want. Probably, moving it to the 320 gig drive will speed everything up tremendously. Similarly, you want to put Photoshop's VM to a non-system drive for optimal performance.
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            Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
            What Jao says: the Photoshop scratch disk should ideally be on a physically separate hard drive, preferably an internal one.
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              Level 1
              Thanks - I'd long ago assigned the PS scratch drive to my internal E: drive. I guess my biggest question is if I reassign the drive for both my Bridge and ACR caches to this drive, will the contents of the cache migrate to the new drive seamlessly? I guess this is technically a Windoze inquiry.
              I just want to avoid any problems like finding out the many GBs of cache info was not transferred to the relocated folder and no longer accessed by PS/ACR due to the fact the cache folders are in a new location.
              Jao, I just assumed the 320 GB drive would be slower as it is not a Raptor 10,000 RPM drive like the boot C: drive. But maybe it IS faster if the system is forever accessing thngs of the system drive. Don't know - my passion is photos, not information processing.
              Thanks for all the help thus far guys!!
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                Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

                As you realize, the cache location is totally independent from the scratch disk. I've never experimented with changing the location of the cache, but then I don't see any performance problems associated with reading the cache.

                Building the cache for a whole folder full of images cache is a different matter; but I doubt it would make that much difference. If you do experiment with that, please let us know your results.