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    Navigating the image in ACR

    John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
      I should probably know this. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

      I try to navigate through an image in Camera Raw to check for dust spots by using the PageUp and PageDown keys. Also use the Home key to go to the upper left corner to start the process.

      But when I first open an image and press Cmd-Opt-zero (or double click on the magnifyer tool) to go to 100% view the navigation keys don't seem to work. I have to first use the hand tool (or spacebar) to move the image slightly. After that I can press Home to go to the corner and then press PageDown to quickly move through the image.

      Also, is there a way to move horinzontally? I think you can this in Lightroom by pressing the Caps Lock key.