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    Hold Menu, Jump to Markers

      Basically, I have my first 5 frames dedicated to the "Main Menu" of this movie. The user of this software will be presented with 7 choices, all linked to Quicktime Videos, all indicated on the score with markers. I'm trying to keep the playhead inside these "Menu" frames until a button is pressed, then have the playhead skip to the corresponding markers.

      I have tried 3 methods so far with no luck. First I tried using a script to hold the playback head in place:

      on exitFrame me

      This was effective in holding the playhead, but does not allow the user to navigate away from the "Menu" frames and on to the corresponding markers.

      The second method was by adding the 'Hold On Current Frame' to frame 1 of my movie, then adding the 'Go To Next Button' to the "menu" sprites. The playhead never moves off the first frame.

      Thirdly, I tried using the 'Tempo Frame Properties' by adding 'Wait for Mouse Click or Key Press' to the last frame of my "Menu". This effectively holds the playhead but when a button is pressed, the movie does not navigate to the specified Marker, rather moves out of the "Menu" frames and plays whatever comes next in the score.

      Any insight on this issue would be much appreciated.