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    Raw files from 5D MkII after update of firmware to v1.07

    Joanne Mead
      Happy New Year

      New firmware for the 5D MKII was released a couple of days ago to correct the infamous black dot problem and banding in SRAW. According to Canon, it is necessary to update the Canon software to avoid a magenta cast in the shadows of SRAW files and they imply that third party software may also give this problem.

      I haven't updated my firmware to the new version yet, but will the current ACR v5.2 cope with this update without producing any ill-effects? Have any of you folk tried it? Updating firmware is a one-way process, so I have held back until there is more information on how this firmware update may or may not affect the processing of raw files in ACR.

      Any feedback on this from other 5D MKII users will be much appreciated.

      Kind regards