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    Can not open Camera Raw in Bridge CS4, or see thumbnails

      MacBook Pro
      OS 10.5.5
      Photo Shop CS4 version 11
      Camera Raw

      I had another version of Camera Raw from PS3. When I bought the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, I deleted the old camera raw plug in, so as to not conflict with the new camera raw plug in.

      When I open PS4, click Photoshop, click about plug in, ONLY one version of Camera Raw comes up.

      In OS 10, when I click GO at the top, then applications, then Adobe Photoshop CS4, then Plug Ins, then File Formats, I get two Camera Raw icons: a blue lego like icon that says "Camera Raw.plugin" and another icon that looks like the Macintosh HD icon, but is labeled "CameraProfiles.dmg"

      The problem is that I can't open files in Camera Raw when in Bridge CS4, nor can I see the little photo thumbnails either.

      Can someone please help?

      Desperate in NYC.