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    Keystroke Toggling

      Can anybody tell me the reasoning/advantages of having keystroke toggle between views rather than one keystroke bring up a specific window.

      It just seems counter intuitive - another 'change' from the 'usual' PS way of working.

      When working fast, using key strokes to select different tools I find that sometimes I'm in the wrong window cos I hit a keystroke more than once or even worse I have to go through the keystroke 'I' having been in Adjustment Brush mode and then wanting to be HSL mode. A keystroke could easily bring up the correct window without multiple keystrokes.

      So what's the thinking behind toggling rather than a specific action per keystroke?

      Also Alt.Cmd 8 doesn't appear to be working at all on my PBP OSX 10.5 CS4 however all the other keystrokes for selecting modes work eg Alt.Com 1/2/3 etc except 8.

      thanks for any info