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    ACR + Canon 5d2 with firmware upgrade?

      Canon released a frimware upgrade for the 5D Mark II which claims to fix the "black dot" problem and a SRAW1 banding problem. Very little feedback has been reported by users, but some reports imply that the new firmware creats a new RAW file that can not be properly processed by current raw converters. Claims are that old converters will convert the new RAW files, but with some wierd color shifts.

      That claim is fueled by Canon's own statement that you must get an updated version of their DPP program to properly process the new RAW and SRAW files. But what about Adobe Camera Raw? Can anyone confirm or deny that old/current versions of ACR will not properly process 5D Mark II raw files?

      If true, is an update to ACR coming? More important, will Adobe be able to apply whatever correction is necessary within the DNG Converter? So those of us with CS3 who are stuck forever with ACR 4.5 can process firmware-updated 5d MarkII raw files correctly?

      Not a critical problem, because you can apparently function quite well without the firmware upgrade. But the upgrade is a path of no return. Once upgraded, you can't go back to the original firmware version if problems with ACR exist.