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    Color Rendering Problems

      I've a dell laptop (with a Windows Vista platform) connected to a 20" Samsung external monitor. Calibrated my Samsung monitor with an eye one display. Of late, I've started experiencing problems with the way Bridge CS4 and LR2 are renditioning colors especially reds. The bridge preview starts with the correct colors but once it extracts the preview starts showing the reds as muted orange colors. Same problem with Lightroom2. I shoot in RAW and even use a grey card for white balance purposes so I know I captured the reds as reds. When I save the images in sRGB and view them in Windows Picture and fax Viewer it shows the same muted colors but renders the colors correctly when I view them as a slideshow. Only Expression media seems to render them correctly. I'm totally baffled and don't know what to do. Please help me.