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    Browser tool bar not appearing

      I'm creating a FlashHelp project for a web-based application. Everything's been peachy except for this one problem: When you open the help window from a link within the application, the browser window is not resizable and does not display the tool bar. I'm using only two windows in my project: the default "NewWindow" and another for the context-sensitive topics. The NewWindow properties are custom, and I HAVE selected Toolbar, Location Bar, and Resizable. Interestingly, while the tool bar and location bar do not appear in the context-sensitive window either, that window IS resizable.

      My client has kindly forwarded me this regarding the OnClick event:

      <td width="60%" nowrap valign="top"><h2 style="padding:none;margin:0px;"><a href="/help/welcome_to_ohio_sacwis.htm" tabindex="3" onClick="window.open('/sacwis/help/welcome_to_ohio_sacwis.htm','HelpAndTrainingWindow','r esizable=no,width=800,height=600,toolbar=no '); return false;"

      But I don't know where this bit if Java is. Is this something I, as the help developer, have access to? Or is this an issue I ask one of the application guys to correct? The Development manager has already told me this is a help issue, but I'm not so sure.

      Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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          Roger N Level 2
          Betsy -

          Actually, what you have there is a bit of html, with an onclick event.

          The onlick event tells that brower to expect some JavaScript. There, it defines a new window, and that is where your developer needs to modify his call to your help page.

          It runs off the page, but your developer is calling the window with a "resizable=no, width=800, height=600, toolbar=no" syntax. This will create the window that you describe, and those are the settings he will have to change.

          Why he left it to you to fix, I have no idea. He should know better.